Terms and Conditions

  • An annual participation fee of $900 will apply to each accredited testing facility for Approved Lab status. Payment of the annual fee will be due upon approval of the listing, and will allow the test facility’s Approved Lab listing to be publicly searchable for the duration of the 12-month period.
  • In order to gain approval, any test lab facility (first and third party) will need to provide certification of current accreditation status according to the program’s Accreditation Requirements.
  • Approved Labs are responsible for maintaining required accreditation status by providing updated accreditation documentation in a timely manner to the program. If the accreditation for the lab will expire during the 12-month subscription period, the lab will be notified 30 days before the expiration informing them that they will need to submit their updated accreditation to the LED Lighting Facts program.
  • If the subscription for an Approved Lab is not renewed annually, the lab will be taken off of the Approved Labs list one year from the date of subscription payment.
  • Approved Labs are responsible for maintaining contact information for the key point-of-contact test facility representative.
  • Products submitted to LED Lighting Facts from testing lab facilities that do not have current accreditation status or are not on the Approved Labs list will not be accepted.