LED Lighting Facts Approved Labs Troubleshooting Guide

This guide is intended to assist new and existing Laboratories with the subscription sign up process.

In order to make this process as seamless as possible, please review the Lab Accreditation page and have the following information ready:

  • Certification of Accreditation from an approved accreditation body
  • Scope of Accreditation from an approved accreditation body
  • Proficiency Testing(If needed)
  • Payment information to cover annual lab fee

If a laboratory has signed up for an account and was listed on the Approved Labs list, a user from that organization can simply log in with their existing credentials, enter the information for their accreditation(if the accreditation page cannot be accessed, please see the paragraph at the end of this page), and submit all required documentation. If a new laboratory needs to sign up for an account, they will need to sign the pledge and enter all the information for their organization. Once a laboratory has an account/has logged into their previously created account, the steps for signing up will be:

1. Select whether you lab is a 1st or 3rd party lab

2. Check which test your accreditation covers as well as the date range for that test.

3. Upload your most recent Certification of Accreditation and Scope. If these are contained on the same document, please upload this documentation in both slots.

4. Select whether your Lab is accredited through NVLAP. If your lab is not accredited through NVLAP, you will need to upload your Proficiency Testing. Please see out Lab Accreditation page for more information on this testing.

5. Click the Continue button, then click Ok to submit your accreditation for review. Once submitted, the accreditation documentation will be reviewed by a LED Lighting Facts team member.  If any of the information is not filled out or you have not uploaded the accreditation information, the system will not allow you proceed to the next page and you will see a red error message appear on the section that needs to be fixed.

6. Once the accreditation has been reviewed and approved, you will be able to log into your account and submit payment for the annual lab fee. Clicking the Subscribe to Annual Testing Lab Fee button will pull up the pop up below. Please enter the email you would like to receive payment emails through as well as your name and the billing address that matches your payment information, then click payment info to enter your card information.

7. When the payment is received your lab will be added to the Approved Labs list and the accreditation date will reflect the dates you entered in the Accreditation page.

Manage Accreditations

  • In your Manage Accreditations tab you will be able to update your accreditations as needed. Simply update the date range, upload the new accreditation, and click the Update button. This update will then be reviewed by a LED Lighting Facts team member. If the update is accepted, the approved labs list will be updated with the new information. You can see the current status (approved/rejected/submitted) and history of your accreditation at the top of the page.

Manage Account

  • On this page (located under the My Account dropdown), you have the ability to: update your payment information, view your subscription history (below), and download your invoices and receipts.

Please ensure that the user who is signing up for the annual lab subscription is the admin of the account. If, after logging in, you see an error that does not allow you to submit your acccreditation; you will need to have the admin of your account log in and complete this section.

If you have any account issues or questions please contact us info@lightingfacts.com.