Information and Management of Legacy Products

What are Legacy Products?

A Legacy Product is any product that was reviewed and approved before June 20th, 2018. This includes both child and parent products that are currently listed in the LED Lighting Facts database. Unlike New Products (anything submitted after June 20th requiring a subscription), Legacy Products will continue to remain free to list as long as they are maintained according to the new Legacy Product Update policy. Legacy products will need to be updated every 6 months (from the date of their last update). This shortened update process is to ensure that the LED Lighting Facts database represents the current LED marketplace as closely as possible. New Products will remain on a yearly update schedule.

How do I maintain my Legacy Products?

Legacy Products will be maintained through your Dashboard. Once you log in, you will see the list of your products that need to be addressed in the "Update Required" tab (see below); these are Legacy Products that will need to have their availability status confirmed or updated by the "Archive Date" (show on the right). If any of the products are not updated by this date, they will be archived. An archived product will no longer have an accessible label and will not be searchable in the LED Lighting Facts database.

For each product/family of products please ensure that the appropriate available status is selected: In Stores, Made to Order, Not Yet Available, or No Longer Available*. Any product that needs additional information in order to be updated will be highlighted in Orange, you will need to click on the Edit button (on the left) in order to enter the information needed for this product. Once the appropriate information is entered, make sure you click Save Changes  and then Done at the top of the submission form (you may need to refresh the page for the product edits to display). After completing this update, the product listing will turn white and display a green check on the left side. This indicated that this product is ready to be published. Once all products are highlighted white and have the green check, you will need to click "Publish Selections" to process your updates.

*If you have any listings that are no longer in the marketplace please select "No Longer Available". This option will archive the product, meaning that it will not longer be seachable on the products page and there will be no access to the label for the product.

Your Dashboard should then have no products in the queue until they come up for renewal on their 6 month rolling cycle.