LED Lighting Facts Manufacturer Subscription Pricing

Manufacturers who want to continue listing new products and access labels will need to do so via a listing maintenance subscription fee with graduating pricing levels and monthly or annual pre-payment options. The product listing maintenance subscriptions are based on the cumulative number of products (parent and child) that are added to a manufacturer’s account over time.

Breakdown of Product Tiers

We will only accept test reports from labs that are active on the new Approved Labs List. Manufacturer's will need to ensure that their products have been tested at a facility currently on the list. For more information on the subscription process please see our Manufacturer Subscription Walk-through.

Please ensure that the user who is signing up for the subscription service is the admin of the account. If, after logging in, you see an error that does not allow you to pick your subscription; you will need to have the admin of your account log in and complete this selection. Once this process has been completed, any user on the account can log in and submit products on behalf of the organization.

If you have any account issues or questions please contact us info@lightingfacts.com.