Terms and Conditions

Manufacturers who want to continue listing new products will need to do so via a listing maintenance subscription service, offered with monthly or annual payment options.

  • Monthly Subscription Plan: This plan is based on the cumulative number of products that are added to the active product database under a manufacturer’s account over time, from the time a manufacturer enrolls in a subscription plan. The monthly fee will be based on the total number of products listed by a manufacturer at the end of each month.
    • Everyone starts fresh at the lowest Pricing level, allowing you to list up to 200 new products in the database. Whether you have 5 or 150 products the price will be the same so we encourage you to submit as many products as you can to take full advantage of these Pricing levels.
    • Manufacturers can cancel or suspend their account at any time. Doing so will remove their products from the active product database (into the archive database), and they will no longer have use of their LF labels.
    • Manufacturers can reduce the number of active product listings by converting them to archived listings, to stay within their pricing level bands. They will not have access to their LF labels for archived products.
  • Pre-Pay for 12-months: This plan allows the manufacturer to select one of the pricing levels and pre-pay for the 12-month period, for the price of only 11 months.
    • There are no refunds if a manufacturer decides to leave the program early/before the end of the 12-month period.
    • They will have access to labels for any products they have on the active product list during the 12-month period.
    • If they don’t renew after the 12-month period, all products will be archived and they will no longer have access to the labels.
    • For manufacturers who choose to upgrade to the next tier of products, for example 1-200 products to 201-500 products, the invoice will be prorated to upgrade the product level. Example: If a manufacturer decides to move into the next tier half way through the year, the normal invoice would be $2,200 but because the manufacturer is only in this tier for half the year, the cost to increase the product level would only be $1,100!
  • Legacy Products: Products that were listed during the original DOE program, and are active in the database are known as “Legacy Products”. Additionally, this class of products will include all new products added/approved prior to June 18, 2018.
    • Legacy Products listed in the database prior to June 18, 2018 will not be subject to the subscription fees or counted toward the total for the subscription pricing levels.
    • These products will remain listed on the publicly searchable database with access to the labels, through October, 2018.
    • Before November, manufacturers will have the option to update their list of Legacy products to indicate whether products are still Active in the market, have changed and need to be updated (e.g., new versions will have to be submitted as “new” products), or need to be archived.
    • If Legacy Products are not claimed by a manufacturer for continued listing by November 1, 2018, they will be archived and there will no longer be access to the Label.