What's Changed?  

On May 2, LED Lighting Facts began accepting new submissions of LED lighting products, now offered as a service by D+R International, the implementer of the program since its inception. The simple “truth-in-advertising” labeling program provides consumers with the assurance that the performance of their LED lighting products has been independently verified and that they have an online tool to compare LED lighting products and manufacturers.

Bilingual Labels

Included as a benefit of a subscription plan, manufacturers will have access to bilingual English-French and English-Spanish versions of the LED Lighting Facts label. These labels were prompted by our stakeholders who are doing business in North America and Mexico. With your subscription, you can access the new label options via the “Generate Label” button on your product submission form and then selecting the desired label variation on the bottom right.

Approved Labs

  • We will only accept test reports from labs that are active on the new Approved Labs List. To be added to this new list, labs must sign up for the program and pay an annual fee of $900. The nominal subscription fee will cover the program costs to validate testing lab facility accreditation credentials and maintenance of the Approved Lab List.
  • Please refer to our Approved Labs Troubleshooting Guide for more information on this process.

Subscriptions and Submissions

  • We are cutting down review times for submissions, will do our absolute best to review all product submissions within 5 business days.
  • Showcase all your product uses and categories, including desk and floor lamps, ceiling lights, task lights, downlights, and replacements for HID lamps, to name just a few. Don't see a category? Please let us know! 
  • Manufacturers who want to continue listing new products and access labels will need to do so via a subscription fee. The subscriptions are based on the cumulative number of products (parent and child) that are added to a manufacturer’s account over time.
  • Please see our Subscription Pricing page for more information.

Legacy Products and Lamps

  • All products submitted and approved before June 20th, will be considered “Legacy Products”.
    • These products will remain in the database at no charge as long as their availability status is verified every 6 months. More information can be found here.
    • Products submitted as part of a subscription will remain on a 12 month availability update cycle.
  • The LED Lighting Facts Program(LLFP) will again accept the submission of LED replacement lamps after not accepting them since August 2016. Types of lamps that will be accepted include: linear replacement lamps, mogul screw base products, and pin based products.