Approved Lab Partners

LED Lighting Facts Services for Approved Labs  

We will only accept test reports from labs that are active on the new Approved Labs List. To be added to this new list, labs must sign up for the program and pay an annual fee of $900. The nominal subscription fee will cover the program costs to validate testing lab facility accreditation credentials and maintenance of the Approved Lab List. If a lab does not currently have an account set up, they will need to sign the pledge, provide proof of accreditation through the portal, and pay the annual fee. A brief troubleshooting guide for the sign up process can be found here.

Partnership Requirements

Any testing laboratory, independent or manufacturer owned, that has been appropriately accredited or recognized to conduct one or more of the following test procedures may register as an LED Lighting Facts Approved Labs Partner:

  • IES LM-79 for total flux and color (required label metrics and some optional electrical and color metrics; LM-79 sections 9 and 12)
  • IES LM-79 for intensity distribution (some optional metrics; LM-79 section 10)
  • In-situ Temperature Measurement Test (ISTMT)  
  • IES LM-80

Please upload all documentation through the portal. Approved Lab Partners are responsible for maintaining their listing and uploading their new accrediations through the portal before the existing documentation expires.   


Recognized Accreditation Bodies

LED Lighting Facts will accept accreditation from the following sources:

LED Lighting Facts Approved Lab Partner Mark 

LED Lighting Facts has a Partner Mark specifically for Approved Lab Partners for use in promotional and marketing efforts. To obtain this mark, email