LED Lighting Facts Approved Labs List

Welcome to the LED Lighting Facts Approved Labs list. Below is a chart of Approved Lab Partners who have submitted proof of accreditation. During the verification process, LED Lighting Facts will only accept test reports from the labs listed below. The chart outlines which testing accreditation or recognitions each partner has and provides a website link for more information. Please contact the lab directly for additional details on their testing capabilities.

Testing laboratories can only be listed on the Approved Labs List after signing the LED Lighting Facts pledge and providing the appropriate accreditation and documentation. Visit Information For: Approved Labs to learn more about the applicable partnership requirements. A list of Recognized Accreditation Bodies can be found at the bottom of this page.

Matching Approved Labs Found
Testing Laboratory Partner LM-79 In-situ Temperature Measurement Test (ISTMT)* LM-80
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*Contact info@lightingfacts.com for details regarding the product types for which a laboratory can provide ISTMT test data based on the scope of the laboratory's recognition.

Recognized Accreditation Bodies

LED Lighting Facts will accept accreditation from the following sources:

For more information, please see the LED Lighting Facts Approved Lab Accreditation and Recognition page.