Annual Product Status Update


After products have been listed with LED Lighting Facts for a year, manufacturers will be prompted to designate whether products they have listed on LED Lighting Facts are still in distribution in the market. To help facilitate this process, the manufacturer "Dashboard”, which appears immediately after the manufacturer logs into the website, lists and identifies products that need to be confirmed. This online system will makes it very simple for manufacturers to identify which products need updating and which products should no longer be listed on the Product List. Below are answers to frequently asked questions concerning this new policy. Please contact with any additional questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I change the status of my product?

The manufacturer Dashboard makes it very simple for manufacturers to identify which products need updating and which products should no longer be listed on To access the Dashboard, simply log on to If you do not already have a username and password, you must sign the LED Lighting Facts pledge to become a partner. The Dashboard will appear once you log on to the website and it includes detailed instructions on how to update the status of your products.

Will I be required to determine the age of my product listing and change the information myself?

Yes – all manufacturers are required update the product status annually, the online “Dashboard” lists and identifies products that need to be confirmed. Manufacturers will have four options for defining a product’s market availability:

  1. Yes (Standard Stocked Product or In-stores): The product is available for purchase in the United States from retailers or distributors. No special or specified order is required.
  2. Yes (Made to Order Product): The product is available for purchase direct from the manufacturer or available from a distributor through a specified order.
  3. Not yet commercially available: The product is not yet commercially available in the United States but the manufacturer is making all efforts to sell the product and it will be available in the market soon.
  4. No: The product will not be, or is no longer, available for purchase. Products marked as not commercially available cannot be submitted for an LED Lighting Facts label. If an approved product is no longer available, it will be removed from the LED Lighting Facts product list.

This is also an opportunity for manufacturers to populate all additional product metrics included in LM-79 reports.

How will manufacturers be prompted to update their products?

Manufacturers are prompted to update their product's availability based on the products listed in the ‘Update Required’ tab of the ‘Needs Update’ table of the Dashboard. At this time, no other communication is planned.

Is a new test report required for annual product status updates?

No. However, partners have the option of having test data verified by LED Lighting Facts by voluntarily submitting test reports during the annual product status update.

Is there a limit on how long a product can remain active on the list?

No, a product can remain on the list as long as the manufacturer confirms its availability every year.

If a product is tested for ENERGY STAR, can that test report be submitted to LED Lighting Facts on an annual basis?

The product availability needs to be confirmed annually, even for products that are ENERGY STAR qualified, and LED Lighting Facts does not require a manufacturer to submit test reports during the annual product status update.

As we change our products and retest, will we be able to delete the old products from the Product List?

Yes! We encourage you to do so.

When will I receive instructions on how to confirm my product’s availability?

The Dashboard includes detailed instructions that will appear once you log on. To request more information or to be added to the e-newsletter distribution list, contact