Commercial Product Performance Scale

Version 1.0

LED Lighting Facts developed residential and commercial product performance scales to help partners evaluate and determine if LED products are appropriate for a given application. The scales compare the performance values for the five metrics identified on the LED Lighting Facts label to performance values of standard lighting technologies. The commercial product performance scale can also be downloaded and printed using the "Download as PDF" link found above.

The Anatomy of the Lighting Facts Label

Indoor Fixtures

Lumen Output (lumens)
Lumens per Watt (efficacy)
Typical CRI
Typical CCT Range
Fluorescent Under-cabinet Task Lighting (typical)
≥ 125
per ft
Portable Desk Task Lights with CFLs (typical)
≥ 200
Fluorescent Cove Lighting (typical with T5 lamps)
≥ 445
per ft
Track Lights
≥ 200
per head
Downlights with CFLs (by diameter)
< 4.5"
> 4.5"
≥ 345
≥ 575
Surface-mounted or recessed troffers:
Two-foot-by-four-foot (lensed, with two T12 lamps)
Two-foot-by-four-foot (parabolic, with two T8 lamps)
Refrigerator display case lighting
Refrigerator display case lighting
per ft
per ft

Outdoor Fixtures**

Lamp Wattage Estimated Luminaire Light Output (lumens) Estimated Luminaire Efficacy (lumens per watt) Typical CRI Typical CCT Range
Outdoor Area/Roadway, Parking Garage, Canopy Lights, High-bay and Low-bay
High Pressure Sodium (HPS) 150 8,000--13,000 46--75 20 2000K--3000K
250 12,000--18,000 42--63
400 25,000--40,000 54--87
Metal Halide (MH) 150 6,000--10,000 35--58 65 3000K--6000K
250 11,000--18,000 38--63
400 20,000--32,000 43--70
Outdoor wall-mounted

High Pressure Sodium


100 5,000--7,000 43--61 20 2000K--3000K
150 8,000--13,000 46--75
Metal Halide (MH) 100 5,000--7,000 35--61 65 3000K--6000K
150 6,000--10,000 35--58

High Pressure Sodium


50 1,000--2,000 17--35 20 2000K--3000K
100 2,000--4,000 17--35
Metal Halide (MH) 70 1,000--3,000 12--37 65 3000K--6000K
100 2,000--4,000 17--35


* Performance data for indoor fixtures is based on benchmark testing of conventional light sources by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) on behalf of the DOE Solid-State Lighting Program. Refrigerator display case lighting performance is shown only as a suggested reference. Refer to for more information.

** Light output and efficacy values for outdoor fixtures (luminaires) are based on rated lamp light output and input power from manufacturer published photometric (.ies) files, in addition to estimated luminaire power losses of 15% and luminaire light losses of 20%-50% (50%-80% for bollards).

The outdoor fixture performance table above is only intended to be used as a rough guide. A thorough review of outdoor LED luminaires should include, at a minimum, additional metrics such as light uniformity and light distribution. See more detailed DOE guidance on outdoor lighting here: