Snapshot Reports

The Snapshot Reports are an analysis of the dataset underlying the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) LED Lighting Facts Product List. These reports are designed to help retailers, distributors, designers, utilities, energy efficiency program sponsors, and other industry stakeholders understand the current state of the LED lighting market and its trajectory.

December 2016 Snapshot: Troffers

Troffers are a staple of the lighting industry, providing economical ambi¬ent lighting in offices, schools, and commercial spaces. They come in a variety of form factors – typically 2×4, 2×2, and 1×4 – and traditionally have utilized a variety of optical systems, such as lensed and louvered, to meet different needs or simply to provide a different appearance.

Because the linear fluorescent lamps with which troffers have traditionally been fitted are relatively efficacious, LED troffer products made a delayed entrance to the LED Lighting Facts database, not comprising a significant portion of it until 2013. Today, almost 20% of the products listed with LED Lighting Facts are troffer luminaires or retrofit kits, both of which tend to be more energy-efficient than their fluorescent counterparts while offering comparable color and power quality.

Among other Snapshot highlights:

  • The efficacy of LED troffers is notably higher than what is typical of troffers fitted with fluorescent lamps. About 10% of the listed products had a luminous efficacy greater than 125 lm/W.
  • Listed troffers had similar efficacy performance compared to other luminaires used for ambient lighting, such as linear and industrial fixtures.
  • Color and power quality for troffers was very similar to that of fluorescent troffers. The products had a variety of CCTs, but almost all products had a CRI in the 80s.