Snapshot Reports

The Snapshot Reports are an analysis of the dataset underlying the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) LED Lighting Facts Product List. These reports are designed to help retailers, distributors, designers, utilities, energy efficiency program sponsors, and other industry stakeholders understand the current state of the LED lighting market and its trajectory.

January 2016 Snapshot: MR16 Lamps

This report reexamines MR16 lamps, which were the subject of a Snapshot in January 2014, for the purpose of examining progress. Used extensively in retail and display lighting, halogen MR16 lamps deliver focused illumination from a two-inch-diameter aperture, have desirable color quality, are easy to use with controls, and are available with a range of options (e.g., beam angle) and accessories (e.g., spread lenses). Given this combination of features, the conventional halogen MR16 lamp is one of the most difficult lamps for LED technology to successfully replicate. This is especially true for 12 V, 50 W halogen lamps, which are the most commonly used.

While the number of products listed by LED Lighting Facts has approximately tripled in the past two years, the number of listed MR16 lamps has not changed significantly—although many products have been added and others removed. In fact, the share of total listed lamps made up by MR16s has continued to fall, and is now at 7%, down from a high of 25% in the first year of LED Lighting Facts. Additional report highlights include:

  • Few MR16 lamps currently listed by LED Lighting Facts are com¬parable to a 50 W (12 V) halogen MR16 lamp. There has been some improvement since the last Snapshot on MR16 lamps (January 1, 2014), but most lamps are still equivalent to 20 W and 35 W (12 V) halogen MR16 lamps.
  • While there have been many additions and subtractions, the number of listed MR16 lamps has changed little in the past two years.
  • While efficacy and output have increased, the rate of increase has been far slower than for other lamp types.
  • The efficacy of MR16 lamps currently is the lowest of any major category of products listed by LED Lighting Facts.
  • A greater percentage of MR16 products meet ENERGY STAR criteria for color rendering and color temperature than two years ago.
  • There have been small gains made in terms of power factor.