New Product Submission Portal Overview

We have made some dramatic updates to our system and, in particular, to the way products can be submitted to LED Lighting Facts. The days of manual submissions are over! With the new import system you will be able to upload documents the system will automatically populate the performance metrics for you, saving you time and resources (especially when submitting large families).

There are now three ways you can submit a product:

  1. LED Lighting Facts Submission Form
    This new form allows you to add more information about your product that is important for Specifiers. Once you have all the information entered for your product(s) you can upload the form and it will auto populate all of the fields you have filled out. **Keep in mind that you will still need to upload all appropriate Test reports and documentation with your final submission. Submissions that only upload a LF form cannot be processed.
  2. Import all of your Submission Documentation from a Zip File
    You can submit multiple documents at the same time and the system will automatically assign and populate them to the appropriate sections of the submission form.  This process will save you the most time, since the data is pulled directly from the test files and supporting documents. Once you click “upload your Zip file” you will see this prompt appear (see below); this is where you will select the type of file that you are attempting to upload and the system will place that file in the appropriate section of the submission form. **All uploads Must be in “.zip” format in order to accepted by the system. Listed Values will still need to be entered if you are not using the Lighting Facts form.
    screenshot of zip import process
  3. Create a New Single Product Submission via Form
    This option is the most manual (and time-consuming) and uses the existing online submission form for entering and uploading all relevant product information (as the submission process has functioned). The uploads for TM-30, IES, TM-21, and SPDX automatically populate the data into the form, saving you time.