Approved Performance Tolerances for Initial Submissions

LED product performance can vary greatly from sample to sample, even when the samples use the same technical design. These variances can range in magnitude and can occur throughout the manufacturing supply chain, making performance variation a concern. 

With that in mind, the LED Lighting Facts program has developed tolerances for the five key metrics and two of the additional metrics to help manufacturer partners when submitting products. For each initial submission of a tested product, whether a single product or a family group, the following guidance applies to the manufacturer-claimed performance metrics:

Approved Tolerances for Initial Product Submissions

Metric            Required Metric? Claimed Value Must Be:                    
Lumens Yes Less than or equal to the tested value
Watts Yes Greater than or equal to the tested value
Efficacy Yes System will automatically calculate based on listed lumens and watts
CCT Yes +/-8.1% of the tested value
CRI Yes Less than or equal to the tested value
Lumen Maintenance Optional label metric Less than or equal to the TM-21 calculated value using tested ISTMT
Beam Angle Optional for all products except PAR, MR, R directional lamps According to ANSI C78-379-2006