LED Lighting Facts Submission Problems

If you are trying to use the Lighting Facts Submission Form and/or the Zip File Upload process, (the first two options) but are running into issues here are a few tricks you can use to get your products submitted.

LF Excel Submission Form Issues

If you don’t already have the most recent version of the LED Lighting Facts form please download a copy of the form by clicking the “Download the Submission Form” option.

-If you do not use the most recent version of the form you will see the below message appear. Please download the latest version of the form and try again. If there is an error with one of the cells the error message will denote the cell in which the error occurred(bottom left); this error will need to be fixed in order for the form to be properly updated.

NOTE: When opening up the Lighting Facts Submission Form please ensure that you click "Enable Editing" to enter your information into the form and then enable the Macros in the form by clicking "Enable Content"

Instructions Tab
Instructions on using the LF Submission Form can be found on the "Instructions" tab of the LF submission form. Please review this tab for detailed information on using the form.

Categorization Reference Tab

The "Categorization Reference" tab can be used to determine what category and subcategory your product will fit into. This will cut down on errors when the form is uploaded caused by categories not matching with the appropriate subcategories in the submission form.

Zip Upload Issues

For all Zip uploads please only include necessary documents needed for your submission. Due to server restraints large Zip files may result in an error and your files not being uploaded. For family submissions please only include the documents for the parent product (documentation for the child products can be added after the zip is uploaded).

Once you upload your Zip, you can designate what type of file each document is. The IES file, TM-30, TM-21, and SPDX files will be parsed into the submission form during this upload and the rest of the files will be added to your submission.