LED Lighting Facts Verification Testing Tolerances 

The following test value tolerances will be applied to determine whether a product passes Verification Testing for the required metrics and lumen maintenance (if initially listed). These tolerances use limits, which are expressed as a percentage below and above the manufacturer values posted on LED Lighting Facts (LCV = lower critical value; UCV = upper critical value). 

Verification Testing Tolerances for Pass/Fail Metrics

Metric Designation Limit Type Verification
Lumens Required LCV -9.6%
Watts Required UCV +12.7%
CRI Required LCV -5.9%
CCT Required UCV & LCV +/-8.1%
Lumen Maintenance Optional LCV -10%*

* The lumen maintenance tolerance was selected as a reasonable value since no industry standard guidance is available.

The mean of the units tested must be above the LCV or below the UCV listed for that product by the percentages shown above. If the mean exceeds these tolerances, the product will be designated as having failed Verification Testing. The product type will determine the sample size and therefore the mean of the units tested.

Verification Testing Sample Size for LM-79

Product Type Sample Size
For LM-79
Replacement Lamps 6
Most Luminaries 3
Custom Made/Special Order 1
Any product 1

Other Optional Metrics (No Tolerances)

Optional metrics (excluding lumen maintenance) are not used to determine whether a product passes Verification Testing and have no tolerance values. However, the product listing reports and compares all Verification Testing results of both required and optional metrics (if the metric is initially listed). There are seven optional metrics that can be tested using LM-79 Integrating Sphere Testing, and are included in the Verification Testing product listing:

  1. Warranty
  2. Power Factor
  3. Input Voltage
  4. Total Harmonic Distortion
  5. R9 Value
  6. Duv
  7. Dimmability​

Because Verification Testing only uses the LM-79 Integrating Sphere Test, all remaining optional metrics will not have tested values listed in the product summary, even if the metric was included on the initial listing.