LED Lighting Facts Labels, Partner Mark and Verified Performance Statement Guidance

Using the LED Lighting Facts Labels on Promotional Materials and Packaging

While the purpose of the LED Lighting Facts label[1] is to communicate accurate performance information, its use on product materials is not required by the program. However, manufacturer partners are encouraged to use the approved LED Lighting Facts label on product packaging, promotional materials, cut sheets and product-related web pages. Partners that choose to use the LED Lighting Facts label on promotional materials or packaging are asked to adhere to the following guidance:                                                           

  • The label should be printed and used in color if used on packaging.
  • The label can be increased and decreased in size under two conditions: 1) The same height to width ratio must be maintained, and 2) the label should not be decreased in size to the point where the information on the label is not legible or discernible (see the Verified Performance Statement information below for additional options for smaller packaging).
  • The information on the label should not be modified in any way, and the label should not be covered up by other printing on the packaging.
  • LED Lamps may only have the verified peformance statement(not the full label) on product packaging; since the FTC Lighting Label is mandatory for all lamp packaging.

Every LED Lighting Facts label is unique and registered to a specific product through the LED Lighting Facts product verification process, and thus should only be used in relation with the applicable product. Using a label in association with any product other than the product that it was registered to is strictly prohibited. The label must not be recreated and must be shown exactly as it appears with the product listing. No alterations of the design or content of the label are permitted after it has been downloaded, with the exception of label updates issued by the program (e.g., security and formatting updates).

NEW Bilingual Labels: The new bilingual English-Spanish and English-French LED Lighting Facts labels are available for products that have been submitted as part of a subscription. These bilingual labels can be accessed through the “Generate label” page on your product submission forms and will contain all of the same performance data of the product as well as list the Spanish or French translations for all text on the label.

Verified Performance Statement

If the dimensions of the label make its placement on smaller packaging configurations and/or web materials difficult, partners can alternatively show their commitment to LED Lighting Facts by using the Verified Performance Statement. Partners can download the Verified Performance Statement graphic from the same location as the LED Lighting Facts label when logged in to their user account.

Versions of the Verified Performance Statement are available with or without a Quick Response (QR) code which automatically directs smart-phone users to the online approved product list. As with the label, the formatting, color, and content of the graphic may not be altered in any way from its downloaded format. The size of the graphic may be adjusted only if the original aspect ratio and formatting are preserved, all original text is legible, and all original graphics are clear.

Manufacturers may show their partnership with LED Lighting Facts on packaging using the Verified Performance Statement. Important note: if your product is required to display the FTC label you cannot use the LED Lighting Facts Label on packaging. In this case you will only be able to use the Verified performance Statement. The statement may not be placed on the front of product packaging or within the FTC label, and it may not be included with any FTC-related language. Please see this FAQ for more information on the FTC label.

The LED Lighting Facts Product Partner Mark

The program provides an alternate, smaller graphic that demonstrates a partner’s commitment to the program. This graphic is called the LED Lighting Facts product partner mark, and it is available only to those manufacturer partners who have at least one approved product in the program. The LED Lighting Facts product partner mark may be downloaded from the “Partner Marks” web page under the “Resources” tab within the partner’s account.

The mark may be used on general company materials and specification sheets of approved products. Using the mark in any way to imply that an unapproved product is approved is strictly prohibited. The mark may not be used on product packaging.

The partner mark is similar to the LED Lighting Facts program logo; however, a specific partner mark has been created for each partner type. Please note that partners may not use the LED Lighting Facts program logo.


[1] Only LED Lighting Facts labels that are provided by and in accordance with the LED Lighting Facts program and LED Lighting Facts product registration process are allowed. Any manufacturer or agent who reproduces, alters, or recreates the LED Lighting Facts label outside the program requirements may be denied the right to participate in the LED Lighting Facts program.