Frequently Asked Questions:
Product Submission Policies 

How do I apply for an LED Lighting Facts label?

First, you must register and take the pledge as a manufacturer partner here: As you are preparing products for review, please note that LED Lighting Facts will only review and approve products that were tested to LM79 by a lab that is currently listed on the Approved Labs list. Please see our Approved Labs List to determine if your laboratory of choice has been approved by the LED Lighting Facts program.

After you set up an account, you will be able to login with your username and password.  Once you login, you will be able to select the subscription plan that works best for your organization, and then navigate to the Manage My Products page to submit a new product. Please familiarize yourself with our policies before submitting any new products.

How long will it take for my product submission to be reviewed and approved?

We try to review all new product submissions within 5 business days. This review time may be extented if the submission has to be sent back due to missing/incorrect information. In order to reduce the chance of your submission being sent back, please ensure that the model number submitted matches the test report exactly (if this does not match, please upload a signed statement explaining the discrepency).

If we are a Private Labeler, how do we get the LED Lighting Facts label?

Private Labelers go through the same process that OEM manufacturers do when registering products for LED Lighting Facts.  Since each label corresponds to an organization account and submission, you will need to set up your own account and submit products in order to receive a label under your own brand and model number. The only difference is that you do not need to test your products again since they have already been tested by the OEM, and you can submit the original test report along with a letter explaining the private labeler relationship and identifying any discrepancies between the tested model and submitted model in terms of differences in model numbers or name listed on the report. This helps us link the original test report and manufacturer to your company and submitted product.

To take the pledge as a manufacturer, visit

After you register, you will receive a username and password, and you will be able to log in, sign up for the subscription plan that works best for your organization, and submit products. Please familiarize yourself with the manufacturer submission policies before submitting any new products to LED Lighting Facts. 

How do we get the LED Lighting Facts label after approval?

The LED Lighting Facts label is available for download from the submission form of an Approved/Published product, after it has been submitted and reviewed.  Login your manufacturer account, go to the Manage My Product page, and find the Published product in the list.  To access the form, click on the pencil and paper icon to the left of the model number. Once in the form, you will see a green “Generate Labels” button in the upper right hand corner of the form, which will give you multiple options for download.

How do I update my product listing?

Manufacturers and Labs have the option of updating product information after the product is listed: For more information on updating products please refer to the full FAQ.

How does a manufacturer “earn the privilege” to group products as a family?

Manufacturers will have the opportunity to group similar products as a family based on an established history and experience with the program, as demonstrated by below:

  1. experience and history with LED Lighting Facts program
    • LED Lighting Facts Partner for at least one (1) year and
    • Ten (10) active products (defined as 10 products listed or updated in the past year)

How will a manufacturer know if it can group products as a family?

After a manufacturer logs in, the website will show the real time product count and length of partnership at the top right corner. Manufacturers that meet the criteria will be automatically granted access to the new submission process. If your organization meets the family grouping criteria but your account has not changed, please contact to have your account settings updated.

How does LED Lighting Facts define a family?

LED Lighting Facts will not define family groupings. During the submission process, manufacturers will be prompted to provide definitions for each grouping that explain how family members are related (eg, as a series, by form factor, etc.), and the general means of extrapolating each variable performance parameter (computational, supplier data sheets, relative photometry, etc.). The manufacturer’s definition of each family will be publicly listed on LED Lighting Facts along with the member products of the family.

Does LED Lighting Facts require that the fully tested product be the best or worst performing product in a family?

No, the first product listed in a family will have to be fully tested, but it does not need to be the highest or lowest performing product. It just needs to be related to the other family members in the manner defined by the manufacturer. The proposed approach is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate any qualification program that uses LED Lighting Facts for verification of product families. Because LED Lighting Facts is not a qualification program and does not maintain minimum performance criteria, the program is indifferent to the performance levels that are submitted, as long as they can be represented accurately.

Will the website indicate if a product was submitted with a test report or as part of a family?

No, the Product List will not indicate whether a product is part of a family or if it was the initial product submitted with a test report. It will only indicate that it was submitted and approved as being part of a family grouping. For more information, please see the Family Grouping Policies and Product Submission and Testing Requirements