Approved Lab Partners

LED Lighting Facts Services for Approved Labs  

LED Lighting Facts invites testing laboratories to pledge as partners and promote their services to manufacturers from the LED Lighting Facts Approved Labs List. During the verification process, LED Lighting Facts only accepts test reports from Approved Lab Partners. To be listed on the Approved Labs List, partners must sign the pledge and provide proof of accreditation to

Partnership Requirements

Any testing laboratory, independent or manufacturer owned, that has been appropriately accredited or recognized to conduct one or more of the following test procedures may register as an LED Lighting Facts Approved Labs Partner:

  • IES LM-79 for total flux and color (required label metrics and some optional electrical and color metrics; LM-79 sections 9 and 12)
  • IES LM-79 for intensity distribution (some optional metrics; LM-79 section 10)
  • In-situ Temperature Measurement Test (ISTMT)  
  • IES LM-80

Please send all documentation to Approved Lab Partners are responsible for maintaining their listing and sending LED Lighting Facts new accrediations once existing documentation expires.   

LED Lighting Facts Verification Testing Lab Partners

The LED Lighting Facts works with accredited independent testing laboratories in the U.S. to test products in accordance with Verification Testing protocols. The following Approved Lab Partners have a seperate and contractual agreement with the program to test and deliver results on behalf of the Verification Testing program:

  • UL Verification Services Inc.
  • CSA Group
  • Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc.
  • Intertek
  • Light Laboratory Inc.
  • Light Lab International

Recognized Accreditation Bodies

LED Lighting Facts will accept accreditation from the following sources:

LED Lighting Facts Approved Lab Partner Mark 

LED Lighting Facts has a Partner Mark specifically for Approved Lab Partners for use in promotional and marketing efforts. To obtain this mark, email